Teaching during COVID, Is Online Academic Working Harder?

Teaching during COVID, Is Online Academic Working Harder?

As online classes are hot during pandemics; both students and professors have a lot to tell about virtual education. Academic life is being mediated through a screen; So teaching during covid can be thought; As well as learning. Here are the challenges lectures and students have during covid academic year.

Teaching during COVID, What`s the hardest part?

Although virtual teaching is helpful sometimes but there are though moments for the lecturers too. There are negative impacts by the online teaching during covid, beacause the comunication od academic is just via Zoom and other medias.

facilities for online teaching during covid
The ability to create an organized discussion, with no person able to take over easily, is a great boon

Disadvantages of online classes during pandemic

  1. Inability To Focus On Screens
  2. Technology Issues
  3. Sense Of Isolation
  4. Teacher Training
  5. Health hazards of staring at the screen

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While lecturers are teaching during covid virtual video classes, focusing on the screen for long periods of time is so hard for students. Also, internet connectivity can be a problem. Without a consistent internet connection, concentration decreases a lot. In an online class, there are minimal physical interactions between students and lecturers; So both educators and professors feel isolated. The most important challenge is some lecturers don’t even have the necessary resources and tools to conducts online teaching during covid. And at last these long online classes can develop eyesight problems and other physical problems due to staying hunched in front of a screen.

If you are working with people you’ve never met in the real world, it is so much harder to establish a connection through the screen!

What are the benefits of online teaching during covid?

Online learning offers lecturers an efficient way to deliver knowledge to students. Academics can use diffrent kind of tools like videos, PDFs, podcasts; By extending the lesson plan beyond traditional textbooks to include online resources, professors are able to become more efficient educators. There are other benefits of virtual classes:

  • Accessibility Of Time And Place: Students can attend classes from any location of their choice & students missing out on lessons.
  • Affordability: Reduced financial costs as compared to physical learning is obvious due to transportation, student meals, and most importantly, real estate.
  • Improved behavior: While online teaching during covid, students can raise their electronic hand or waving frantically to catch the chair’s eye.
We are social animals; we were not designed to operate by sitting at a screen for hours every day!

Social community challenges while teaching online

While online teaching during covid has academic advantages and disadvantages but there social problems which are the result of virtual classes; like:

  • Online training is boring
  • Students need to talk to each other
  • Lecturers can’t practice with their students effectively
  • The quality of the courses is mediocre
  • The online course has no impact on the organization

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Solutions to make online classes more fun

According to harvard lecturers can design a community from the outset by re-engineering, re-thinking, and re-programming. Lecturers can:

  1. Prepare a new schedule
  2. Split the sessions into shorter ones
  3. Give additional pre-readings and assignments for each session
  4. Consider providing links to some tutorials.
  5. Set clear, precise, and defined rules of behavior
  6. Using of art in pedagogy is helpful in uncertain environments


Try your best to communivate with your students and fellow faculty while teaching durinig covid -19 . Listen and learn from what they share. We all need to do our part in developing resilient and sustainable communities, now more than ever. The best way to do that is to join together to prepare for, respond to, learn from, and recover from this unexpected situation.

Source: timeshighereducationelearninngindustry

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