Covid-19 crisis could bankrupt a dozen UK universities, IFS warns

Covid-19 crisis going to bust about a dozen UK universities in the long run if they do not get a government bailout or help with ...
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US foreign students can’t remain in the US if their college moves entirely online

Trump administration stated that foreigner students must attend in-person teachings if their university offers them, and they must leave the US if their college moves ...
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Australia facilitates the issuance of visas for foreign students

A high decrease of International students in Australia made to address an issue of visa process to revive student flows. Probably new visa arrangements next ...
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Political issues complicate hopes for US campus reopenings

Even amid a renewed national commitment to racial justice, old partisan stalemates are hindering US colleges seeking campus reopening plans that balance economic needs with ...
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Celebrity’s comment sparks debate about China’s gao kao exam

An entertainer’s apology for wrongdoing has called attention to inequities in the Chinese education system just as 10 million high school seniors across the nation ...
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Pandemic achieving long-sought decasualisation of Australian universities

Covid-19 may succeed where academics’ constant pleading has failed, by ending Australian universities’ mass use of casually employment.Casuals are first in the firing line as ...
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