UK Ph.D. students’ academic career hopes out of step with the job market

Most doctoral candidates show ‘clear preference’ for academic career despite high exit levels from sector, finds Higher Education Policy Institute study. Two-thirds of UK-based PhD ...
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A belief in free will found to be the key to the exam and academic success for students, claims a new study

Students who hold stronger beliefs in free will perform better on academic tasks and achieve better course grades throughout a semester, says the study’s author. The practice of studying relentlessly ...
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Bullying and stereotyping blocking professorial path for black women, says report

There are only 25 black female professors in the UK, making up 0.1 percent of all professors. A pervasive culture of bullying and stereotyping at ...
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Coronavirus: How Unesco are plugging the global gap in education

At the height of the Covid-19 crisis 1.6 billion children from around the world were sent home and the school gates were closed. But this ...
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Survey of academics finds widespread feelings of stress and overwork

Conducted a survey to assess the university staff’s satisfaction with their senior managers. We had more than 5,500 responses and the results highlight many of ...
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Help announced to avoid ‘lost generation’ of students in Indonesia

Indonesia’s government has unveiled tuition fee relief measures for students whose families have suffered a financial hit from the coronavirus, amid predictions that the pandemic ...
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