Student Accommodation Guide: A budget home Do & Don`ts.

Student Accommodation Guide: A budget home Do & Don`ts.

Once you will be admitted to a university course, you would need a safe place to stay. Accommodation for students is so important; In other word, you have to plan anything of your new student life from where you will be living. Where you live to define the transportation you will need, level of life, and social environment. In the student accommodation guide, we tell you how to find the best place on your budget; How to negotiate with the agent; And at last how to sign the contract?

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What you need to know about student accommodation?

You have decided to study far from home; Actually, this would be your home for the next few years,. Here you will be living, studying, eating, sleeping, dating, and enjoying the social life. The first thing you`ll need for this new life is a place to stay; to call it home. But how you can get one?

Student accommodation can be challnging

There is a variety of student accommodation that you can apply to? Actually, hundreds of websites and applications are available; What you can do to find the best place to stay?

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What are the accommodation options?

You can choose to live in:

Search for the price and benefits

Checklist of the accommodation

When you filter your search, check these options of each item:

Does the housing have furnishings?

  • Is there a desk?
  • Is the kitchen equipped with cooking utensils?
  • Are bed sheets and linen provided?
  • Are there laundry facilities?
  • Are there additional costs for certain services?
  • Are you given phone and internet access?

What’s your budget?

Firstly, the Budget will have a big impact, on the student accommodation plan. So clearly set budget you can afford; Then you can filter different kind of places and search will be much easier.

Where does it locate?

Think about the location of your student accommodation guide. Importantly, check the neighborhood; if it is close to the university or not? Moreover, How long does it take to reach there? How you can reach your university by subway or bicycle?

Check the accommodation options

Clearly check what’s included in the cost. Many private halls offer all-inclusive rent packages, so it`s no need to buy any extra facilities.

Check for hidden costs

Sometimes on student accommodation guide is cheaper but it doesn’t include important bills like WiFi. However, check every tiny detail to avoid surprising costs every month.

Checking the dates and contract

Ask about the exact duration of the contract; how long the place will be available for you? 

Staying at holidays

Clear the stuff about the holidays. For instance, Some university halls ask students to move out during the Christmas, Easter, and summer holidays. 

At last

It’s never too early to start preparing financially. ‘If you intend to live in halls or in private accommodation while studying, then you will need to save up some money.

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