Reasons to attend international academic conferences

 Reasons to attend international academic conferences

What is the main reasons to attend international academic conferences? In an Academic conference, researchers attend to present their findings and hear about the latest work within their field. It is a very intellectually challenging and inspiring experience that a researcher can participate in. Here we wrote the main reasons why researchers must attend academic conferences.

First reason to attend international academic conferences is to peer over the fence and see what’s going on outside of a your research field of science. The main reason for it is because academics and researchers come to the conference to present and discuss their most recent work, and you will discover new and interesting developments in the field. Especially if it is an international conference like the ones offered by academic conference organiser Acavent. These types of conferences collect a wide international range of academics who do developments in the field and make a global impact. At the same time, presenting your own research at a conference, will expose your ideas to experts and invite questions and comments that will ultimately strengthen your work. This will let you learn from others and improve your own skills and knowledge about your field and your work. All in all, knowing the latest advances is always valuable for a researcher interested in keeping up with developments in a field and spotting future trends.

Reasons to attend international academic conferences

The second reason to attend the international academic conference is to meet other researchers. Expanding a researcher’s circle of contacts is at least as important as a reason to attend a conference as hearing the actual papers. The conference lets researchers make new connections, build on their research, and fasten their careers – it is an amazing source of chance conversations and relationship building, and the attendees who get the most value from attending them follow up with everyone who’s presentation caught their attention. No doubt that networking is very important in the academic world. Because of networking, you could be invited to join collective-international research projects such as edited books, special issues in peer-reviewed journals, or funding applications. Attending a conference may be important for the future exchange of information or collaborations. Furthermore, networking is also essential for getting a job in the academic world because applicants committee members will most likely hire someone they know and that they get along with. To sum up with, one of the main reason to attend international academic conference is to enhance your visibility and name recognition—factors that may help get future funding or a position.

Most of the conference participants rates the experience of attending an academic conference as life-changing or positive. You will likely find yourself exhilarated by the conference experience — you will learn a lot and be energised to continue your research in the future, make contacts, and increase your visibility. For all these reasons, overcome your fears and doubts and dare to attend academic conferences at an early stage of your Ph.D. and continue to do so at least once a year. The benefits are definitely bigger than the costs if you know how to get the most out of every conference.

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