Proud Pen: Breaking knowledge barriers

Proud Pen: Breaking knowledge barriers

Less than 40% of academic work is published through open access. Yet, the impact that such work makes is incredible, consistently showing a significantly higher rate of getting shared, viewed, and referenced. Simply put, open access publishing makes knowledge actionable. It does not discriminate against those who do not have the financial means to access academic work. It enables progress, creates academic communities, and inspires collaboration and insightful discussions.

Proud Pen Limited, embraces the tremendous benefits of an open access publishing model. It publishes academic books and chapters in such fields as humanities, social sciences, education, technology, and a variety of other disciplines. The eagerness and commitment to openly sharing high-quality knowledge is the driver behind the team’s work.


If you have a mobile device or a computer and an Internet connection, you can access the books published by Proud Pen. You can reference them, share them on social media, download, and print chapters or entire books. This type of freedom of access allows Proud Pen to reach hundreds of thousands of people around the world. The authors benefit tremendously from the open access model as well. Their work is consumed by an infinitely larger audience, making a significant impact on the evolution of their field and its discourse.

Of course, not all open access publications are created equal; quality is a big differentiator. Proud Pen is a highly reputable academic publisher because it has proven its commitment to quality. The publishing house employs a double-blind peer-review process conducted by leading academics in their respective disciplines. This allows Proud Pen to publish manuscripts that are outstanding in their quality and, equally importantly, relevant to the larger ecosystem around them.

Knowledge is a powerful tool. It brings communities closer together. It inspires progress. It breaks down silos. Proud Pen’s goal is to provide a platform and a mechanism that will advance knowledge throughout the world.

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