How to earn a PhD research scholarship?

How to earn a PhD research scholarship?

Do you want to improve your career or do you want to solve challenges in your field of study?  You want to be a  PhD grad then you should teach, consult, lead and research in the future. So if you are this sure, You`ll need a PhD research scholarship. But it is a little bit hard to find one; Sometimes several institutes advertise their Ph.D. degree programs, with the title of the scholarships; But actually, you should pay them. At Academictown we prepared a guide to find the best scholarships for your PhD studies.

Which organizations provide PhD research scholarship?

There are a lot of organizations providing funding for doctoral research. The most important types are these:

  1. Government

The government aims to support national research objectives to carry them out. for example, in UK the biggest government funder is UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). Each country has an organization like UKRI.

What`s the challenge to this PhD research scholarship?

Access to these organization funding is limited and so competitive.

Are government PhD research scholarship full grant?

Sometimes a PhD candidate can get a full scholarship but there are grants that cover half of the costs. Universities usually have funding of their own to offer potential PhD students. This might take:

  • The form of a small fee discount (often for alumni) 
  • Limited grant for living costs.
  • Full scholarship funded out of the university’s own research budget
  • Some university funding is provided in return for teaching, research assistantship or other work.

phd research scholarship how to

2.Independent charities

The charities which provide Phd research scholarship pay for the researches to get to their wider goals such as:

  • Medical research
  • Heritage preservation 
  • Increasing access to education

What is the challenging point of this PhD research scholarship?

The support they offer varies and usually are not full funding 

3. Business and industry

This kinf od PhD scholarships occasionally support PhD students whose work has potential benefit for their commercial objectives.

Bonus TIP

If you work already ask your employer for  funding your PhD studies to develop their industry

2  Common Situation for PhD research scholarship

We learned where the PhD funding comes from. Now Let`s sew how scholarships cover PhD finances?


The institute covers all the PhD fees along with more or less all of the living costs and other expenses.


The PhD Candidate gets a partial scholarship (usually contributing to fees or living costs, but not both). Candidates usually need to top up their funding with other grants and/or rely on some of their own savings/earnings.

Which Documents you`ll need?

Go to the website of any institute you want to get a scholarship from. Download the Application form. There must be a page which you should upload these documents:

  1. Academic CV.
  2. Personal Statement. Provides a clear explanation of the research interest, preparation undertaken, and an understanding of the significance of the research.
  3. Language requirements
  4. Awards and Nominees
find phd research scholarship for your professional career
Finding a PhD research scholarship can be challenging.

The Pathway to find a PhD research scholarship

You are familiar with the Phd scholarship but how can you get one. first of all, you`ll need a plan to find the best funding.

Find a Supervisor

A Supervisor will help you to choose the best title for your research; a field that funding organizations love to pay for it.

Search for funded projects

Forget your deep dreams; Be realistic. Lots of PhD projects are actually advertised with funding attached. They’re much more common in STEM, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any in subjects like English, Philosophy or Sociology (Shape).

Communicate with business & industry owners

Find relevant companies or organizations that might take an interest in your research topic. 

At the End

 To get a Phd research scholarship, you should show the funders that your research ideas can develop their situation and can get them to their goals. The best advice is to tailor your application for each scholarship. In this way, you`ll get the attention of the funder.

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