Pass the exam season without stress

 Pass the exam season without stress

During exam season you will feel some anxiety. Passing an exam is a difficult job.  As statistics show about 66% of academic students face stress. So we decided to write the most useful exam stress tips. At exam season you are under a lot of pressure but this guide will help you relieve the stress and anxiety during the exam period.

Exam Stress Tips: Follow up

exam stress tips healthy diet

Stay healthy

If you want to pass your exams successfully, you should be prepared. a lot of lifestyle routines can help you relieve the stress. The best way to have a healthy lifestyle is to manage your stress, Having a healthy diet, and sleep enough. here are the top items to manage your stress from inside body and soul.

1. breath carefully

For relieving stress you should try some mindfulness techniques. deep breathing is a good one. There are exercises on the web you can find for practicing deep breathing.

2. Eat micronutrients

In the list of exam stress tips, the tastiest item is your diet.  you’ll need proteins and essential vitamins. A healthy diet can help your brain to concentrate better.

3. Exercise

When you exercise regularly, hormones will release in your blood stress. there are hormones that reduce your stress level. try 30-60 minutes of exercise a day

Reduce sugar 

When you`re stressed the level of cortisol is so high. This hormone affects your blood sugar level. If you indulge yourself with sugar and chocolate the stress level gets even higher.

Plan to reduce stress- exam stress tips

Study plan

If you won`t have a study plan, you will feel a lot of stress, special 1 week before the exam. So start planning study hours. These items will help you:

  • Set realistic goals
  • Study in groups
  • Write notes of each chapter
  • Review your notes just before sleep
  • Memorize your summaries
  • Explain the subject in front of mirror

When you prepare like this for an exam, you will remember every single detail of the theme. So you won`t feel any stress about the result of the exam.

Reduce Panic

Just believe in yourself. Try guide for self-confidence. Don`t let panicking get over you.

exam stress tips try them this semester
Clear your room to reduce stress

Tidy Room 

One of the stress release factors is being untidy. Just do everything at the right time and put everything in the right place. a cluttered room or desk is connected to an untidy mind.

Clear your room

As grandmothers always said try to be tidy. Discipline in your life helps you concentrate more. Put away physical clutter. This will overload your brain Be much more organized. Use some dividers drawers to sort your stuff.

Minimize phone usage

in the list of exam stress tips, One of the important items is phone and social media. Researchers believe that overusing a cellphone causes stress. In the exam period, set a timer on your phone to warn you about the usage.

  • You can even turn on airplane mode when you are studying.
  • Plan to check your social media in maximum of 60 minutes a day.

concentrate on studding exam stress tips


At the end

Exam season can be an anxious time, Consider you are not alone about this feeling. Try the exam stress tips we mentioned in this article. Have you ever tried any of these items? write to about result.

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