World Education Service (WES) plans a digital revolution of badges

A digital revolution of badges is underway as some suggest. World Education Service (WES) has issued a new set of ‘digital badges’ with the aim of revolutionizing the way qualifications are recognized around the world.

WES supports and promotes worldwide qualification recognition in the US and Canada, and along with Credly the end to end solution for creating and managing digital credentials is introducing a new blockchain-led technology to confirm and share the accreditation digitally.

The new product is going to be based on the same technology that’s behind crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, which secures networks and personal information.

Blockchains have a decentralized system in place, meaning no user’s information is held solely in one place, and no changes can be made to a system or ‘chain’ unless the same change is made to each ‘block’ of the network. “Digital badges are a natural extension of WES’ work,” said Mariam Assefa, World Education Service executive director.

World Education Service (WES) plans a digital revolution of badges

“They allow holders to make their international educational qualifications both visible and verifiable online, and to share them when and how they want. Blockchain is an added value. It allows us to ensure the integrity of WES-issued educational verifications,” she added.

The social media platforms, including professional networks like LinkedIn, will be displaying the badges. This will allow the holders to provide ‘one-click verification’ for employers and institutions.

Jonathan Finkelstein, founder, and CEO of Credly said the new product, and technology behind it can be especially useful for international clients and credential holders.

“As individuals and organizations leverage digital credentials to unlock opportunities, blockchain brings another important layer of validation and trust, which is especially relevant to international audiences,” he said.

This digital revolution of badges is going to be game-changing amongst the academics.




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